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“People follow Chris because he gets results. It’s really that simple.”

“The Ex Recovery team is the best I’ve ever encountered at helping you plan after a breakup.”

“The truth is that people make getting your ex back more difficult than it needs to be. Chris and his team simplify the process.”

The Situation

  • Her ex broke up with her after she wanted to go to therapy with him
  • She bought our Best Selling book and immediately started implementing
  • She implemented our no contact rule

The Results

  • She got immediate responses
  • Quickly got back together
  • Now they are married

The Situation

  • Kelly initially was unsure how to approach her breakup
  • When we met her and advised her on what to do she remained skeptical
  • However, after she took a leap of faith and listened to our advice she got these results

The Results

  • She texted her ex first and got immediate responses
  • Eventually he came back and she succeed in her goal of getting him back

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